This journal is no longer in use.

If you'd like to see my blog posts, please subscribe via email or by WordPress account to my new blog!  I update it at least once a week, but I haven't been able to do so for last week, so I apologize.  I will be making a post later on.  Thank you all so much!  

A new blogging experience.

So, I'm definitely going to make a conscious effort to blog now that I have a Wordpress.  
It's called NocturnePastels, because of my love of dark and calming things and fashions and pastel stuff.  Sooo, yeah.  :D  If you have a WordPress or would like to have one, or want to follow via email (because I think you can), please go ahead!  It's going to be quite a nice blog if I can get it running right.  :)  I'm very content with the layout and look so far.  ^^


1 September 2011

Hello, you guys!  I'm currently waiting for class to begin, so I thought I'd do a blog post.  School is kind of really stressing me out.  

I'm going back home this weekend and whatever.  I really raged hard this week trying to read my code for Microsoft Word and all of the time I was reading the B as an 8.  I know I'm a little (at least) dyslexic, but yeah...  I don't know...  I just want them checked.  Plus, with school, I'm constantly on my laptop taking notes or writing papers, etc.  

I am trying to find a game for me to get into...  I might just get back into WoW and do the private server deal.  I'm sick of playing pool on Miniclip...  I also can't really play GW right now due to technical issues...  

ANYWAY, I've gotten a new dress thanks to juniorsweet

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Now, I decided to dress up like I've been wanting to since I got to University, and tomorrow will be another dress up day.  :3  

But!  It's hot as blue blazes here and I'm still dying in this outfit.  ; A;  


Top:  Old Navy
Shorts:  Volcom Pastel Splatter
Socks:  Off-brand
Bows:  Off-brand, AP, ManiaQ
Headbow:  DOL Sugary Carnival
Boots:  Doc Marten's

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So, today a fellow newcomer to UCF passed away.  I rushed with her and she was very nice and friendly.  Even though I didn't know her much, it still is kind of shocking...

They think it has to do with one of the Frat. parties from last night.

Please R.I.P.  A.M.H.

So, D:

I'm currently WTB! for:
  • Toy Fantasy White OP
  • Toy Fantasy White Head Bow
  • Toy Fantasy White Bonnet
I would just be a happy little clam if I could get those.  :c

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Sorry for the lack of posting!

I've been busy with work and starting school. Today is my second day of classes and I have quite a bit of free time between them, today.

MON/WED/FRI: Principles of Biology and MicroEconomics.
TUES/THURS: Western Civilizations and Intro. to Hospitality.

Any day, I have a nice break for lunch and a little studying between my classes.

Anyway, I'm about to start class now, but yeah... I just wanted to touch base here. Hopefully I get more followers soon. >.<

PS: Next dress I am to get will be Toy Fantasy OP and headbow in white. I am slowly putting together my other outfit(s) for other cons!

Next year, I will be attending:

MegaCon KnightroKon MetroCon Otakon :)

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 ClobbaOnline and HMHM review
I ordered this JSK IW Replica from brand HMHM a bit ago and gave accurate custom measurements from a tailor.

I received it a week and a half ago and it came out rather large and ill-fitting...

It was about 2-3 inches past my knees (as you can see I am lifting it up...). I had given measurements so that the JSK would arrive at the middle/just above my knees.
Also, the bib portion is rather large (I have a really small bust and I feel it looks a little odd on me...) and the elastic in the back was HUGE and loose.

I took it to the tailors down the road from my work and had her fix it up some.

We arrived at this. Now, the bib still looks really large, but it's an ok length (this is with a super floofy petticoat underneath). I think it is wearable, but I'm still upset about it. It arrives to 2/3 up my knees-ish without petticoat.

The fabric is also really thin, even with the lining. I tried to put on a more tame petticoat, which is pink, and it was like neon.

I suppose I arrived at the point where I get a bleh replica.

Clobba was very nice about this problem. They also gave me good updates when I asked and had a good price for shipping. I would definitely order from them again for shoes or something or other.

Quality: 3/5
Fabric: 4.5/5
Price: 4/5

Service: 5/5
Shipping: 5/5